Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unheard Melody

Isn’t it weird that fragrance of an old perfume, music of some absurd song, first rain of the season and even the date mentioned on a photograph brings back a plethora of memories of the past. I wonder how such a small thing can hold so strong a connection and engross in a way making one oblivious of the surroundings. Something similar happened to me when I heard the song ‘Pukarta chala hoon main’ on AIR FM Gold after almost 3 years and some memories cropped-up.

He was a stranger and owned a bakery near my institute where I intentionally sneaked in after the class everyday and at times in the break time too only to catch a glimpse of his. There was nothing extraordinary about him and I still can’t figure out what swayed me. Most of the times he was absent but whenever he was there, I tried staying long by loitering around and asking his aide awfully ineffectual questions about the products. All I longed for was a welcoming smile and a small chat but he always overlooked me. My crash course merely demanded two months and probably after this it was not possible to see him. I didn’t know when I were to visit Delhi again and if I did, there wasn’t any surety of this bake house being still here.

I kept the hope alive and did not stop visiting the store but I always flinched when it came to initiating the conversation. I wanted to tell how much I adore him but knew, to him it will not matter a tad. So the days passed and came the final day but he seemed equally adamant. All I desired that day was a nice goodbye. Knowing that he would be least bothered, I kept my expectation to the minimal.

I went to the shop with my fingers crossed and encountered his aide who always assisted me with the best-flavored cakes, delectable chocolates and other delicacies of the store. I searched ardently but couldn’t find him anywhere. Disappointed I made my way back when he entered the shop. I hastily turned around and told his aide about my departure in a loud-enough-to-be-heard voice. He wished me good luck but I was awaiting a word from someone else. He finally spoke but to my disappointment, to his assistant and left whistling some song without any acknowledgement. I left the city with an unanswered desire and a tear in my eye. That was when I saw the last of him.

Initially I found it hard to forget him but eventually his thoughts faded. Everything seemed just normal until I heard the song which turned out to be the same he whistled that day. I didn’t know it will take me three long years to find this out. I recalled it colossally for quite a long thinking that he was trying to deliver something through that but by the time I was back in town, I had forgotten the tune. Though it is too late and all water under the bridge now but it did succeed in retrieving the archived memories and restoring the feelings.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


In stumbling moves that I make
In perturbing breaths that I take
In the days that are long gone
In follies that left me all alone

In my highs and in my lows
In the cascading wind that flows
In pretentious laughter and painful tears
In sheer audacity and frightful fears

In scorching sun and intense rain
In exhausting relief and utter pain
In bland days and lonesome nights
In those make-ups after silly fights

Your amusing acts and gestures so naïve
These loving thoughts I each day revive
The phase that took you away
For your return I always pray

Still in this room your presence is felt
How hard with the memories I have dealt
No wonder you had gone through the same
But I know your every breath recites my name

The entwined curly locks on the face
The visualization still makes my heart race
My being craves for your soft touch
Insatiable kisses and firm clutch

I wish you bestow me just one more chance
To hold you in my arms and rekindle the romance
In all circumstance I promise to stay by your side
Walk hand in hand no matter how long a stride

I loved you with all my heart and soul
So now it is for you to take a call
Yes I lied many a times but there is one thing that’s true
Since the time you left I have been immensely missing you…