Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time’s Play

Tomorrow, 8:30 prompt!

Tomorrow, 8:30 prompt!

Tomorrow, 8:30 prompt!

I woke up aghast as the words kept echoing in my head. To my surprise, it was 6 o’clock and I was glad to discover that I defeated the alarm for the first time. I had a major meeting by 8:30 and couldn’t meet the expense of getting late. Though I had reset the alarm the previous night from 7:30 to 6:30 but unusual happens only when you want it the least.

Yesterday was chaotic as it was full of meetings, presentations, projects and more of it. I worked late last night as the presentation was still incomplete and I don’t remember when I dozed off. The queasiness kept disturbing my sleep the entire night and my body failed to support me. I still had half an hour but instead of going back to sleep I exercised my mind by thinking everything outrageous and non-viable.

‘Is it possible to invent a time machine?’

‘How about giving them all a shock by sending my resignation?’

‘Does the same happen in every profession :P?’

‘Why can’t God make life a little exciting?’

‘Ting Ting Ting Ting. Rise and Shine, It’s time to get up’, the alarm shrieked bringing me back to my senses. Without any more dodging, I slipped out of my bed, opened the closet and made a direct entry to the bathroom. I gave a call to my mother from my room and asked her to prepare the breakfast till the time I get ready.

Subsequent to a quick shower, I preferred to go through the presentation again brushing my hair simultaneously. Just a dash of kohl and I was ready to rush. I held the pencil and stood in front of the mirror only to get the most horrifying shock of my life. The mirror refused to recognize me. The image in the mirror was not mine rather it showed a repulsive and creepy looking bug. I screamed at the top of my voice which was inaudible to all. What happened to me was beyond my understanding. Everything around appeared gigantic to my tiny eyes. It was unimaginable the way my being left me in lurch in just the nick of time.

I somehow managed to crawl from the floor to the door but couldn’t turn the door knob. I kept trying but the sloppiness made me fall over and over again. On hearing some commotion in the lobby, I cried hard for help but my cries went unheard. After a while mom entered the room, called my name but couldn’t see or hear me. I hopped on her foot hoping she would acknowledge me but all she did was brush me away. She kept on calling me but left the room after a few attempts leaving the door ajar. Probably she thought that I had already left because I often make a sneaky escape skipping my breakfast when I am behind schedule.

The clock struck 8:05 and ideally I was to leave by 8:00 to be there on time. How can God derelict me like this? Was I being penalized for the wish of some excitement? The first major assignment of my career and this wasn’t even the last thing I desired. I lost my identity but the only thing that mattered at the moment was the goddamn meeting.

I made my way towards the lobby where everyone was chit-chatting enjoying the morning coffee. To grab the attention I reached the top of the table and rested on the plate holding cookies. It was my kiddo brother who noticed me instantly and quickly brought a small jar to capture me. My mother rushed to get a fly swatter and warned my brother that her extremely hygienic house cannot accommodate an uncanny creature like this. I tried to escape but each one of them surrounded me from all sides possible. My constant screams, pleas, cries seemed to have a zilch effect on all and suddenly came the brutal swatter.


I woke up aghast and the clock struck 6. This time it was all for real.


Shine Kapoor said...

Reminds me of exam time... I often use to dream that m late for the exam, the examiner is not letting me inside the hall.. phewwww...
That was really bad. and I use to wake up just to realize that i was dreamin~~~

Good goin dear Nish.. keep it up. u shud write often :-)

samitmehra said...

Ur evolving as a writer Nish....Firstly U have aptly picked up a topic which every reader can relate to. This dream is one which everybody has seen under it exams or assignments or important meetings. U have picked it up and translated it beautifully on to ur blog.

Also, from the time U started blogging (May, I think), I have noticed a drastic improvement in the quality of ur writing. I think it is evident that U take a lot of pain correcting spellings, grammar and style.

My only complaint....ur stories or articles are few and far between....

Geetika Advani said...

hmmm, ur dream took me some other world only, it was truly a very interesting read, and must say, nicely written too!

Geetika Advani said...

Too gud, a very interesting read and very nicely wirtten!

Anonymous said...

hehe..dreamzz are all so real sometimes arent frst i thought u have evolved in yourself the genes of a hollywood fiction writer ..transformation into a bug..and i was in peels of laughter tryin to imagine a bug puttin kohl in her eye..and i little teensy but f you would b soo cute..seriously,the little tale kept me rooted till the end..proud f u girl..keep goin